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Old Superb, the Battle Standard of Dray Prescot

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Llahal and Lahal!

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Welcome to Peet's Dray Prescot Site! Hope you observed the Fantamyrrh on your way in.


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How to make a Kregen Globe using Els' Globe images. Full insrtuctions including pictures and illustrations.

I haven't added much to this site for some time, and I apologize to those who watch this space.

Right now that's all that's here, though I expect over time to add a variety of pages:

Coming Soon

Perhaps this section should be titled "Coming Eventually..." :-)

Care & Feeding of Vollers
How do Vollers work? Find out here, coming soon. Also, some interesting ramifications of the Voller technology, including some new ideas on Voller design.

The Time of Troubles Vallia boardgame
When I finished my map of Vallia, the first thing that popped into my head was that it would make a great board for a boardgame...

Who is Kenneth Bulmer?
Kenneth Bulmer, as many of you know, is the actual name of the author of the Dray Prescot series; he has written around 200 novels in his lifetime and has been a professional writer for about 50 years.

Who is Peet the Iarvin?
Here you can find out a little about me, the webmaster of this little site.

Kregen Glossary
A long-standing demand has been for a comprehensive glossary of Kregen. In the long run I would like to include one here. Currently I am making notes for each book, and will eventually post those lists here.

E-mail me if you have any thoughts or comments, or would like to see anything in particular here.

Other Dray Prescot Links

Here are a few links to other sites that have to do with the world of Kregen:

The Dray Prescot Discussion Group
Subscribe to Kregen
eGroups-Kregen is a great forum for Dray Prescot fans to meet and exchange posts; I strongly recommend it to anyone looking at this page who has not been there.

ePublishing for Dray Prescot Savanti is an E-Publishing company which published Dray Prescot books in Adobe Acrobat form. In addition to this they have a great deal of information on Kenneth Bulmer and his works. It doesn't seem to have been updated since sometime in 1998, but still is an important site for Dray Prescot fans. Unfortunately, operation of Savanti has been suspended at least temporarily, thanks to contract negotiations, to there isn't a lot on the site at the moment, but watch this space, since Savanti has aranged to do print-on-demand paperbacks of the books after #37, as soon as they get the permission.

Gilian's Site has a lot of cover art that I don't have (especially the German ones) and also has a couple of short stories taking place on Kregen.
Stylor's Fan Fiction Page is a page with Rod's "Cat Smiling" stories, which I highly recommend. Watch this space for more chapters!
Turko's Kregen Page is mostly a links page to other Prescot sites, but may have some more content soon. It does have a glossary of characters that appear in Dray Prescot novels.
Antares' Site has a list of all the Dray Prescot books written by Bulmer, including the ones released only in German. Also, summaries of various books as written by Seg (Moderator of the Egroups list) are being posted here.
Dr. John's Unofficial Dray Prescot Page Is another good site for both interior and cover art. It also has a glossary of terms from the first four books of the series.
Gilian's SdR Site is a really great looking site; I have no idea what's there, since it's all in German, but it's noce to look at even without being able to understand it. I assume it has something to do with Dray Prescot, since it is named after the Sisters of the Rose.
World of Kregen is another great looking Dray Prescot site written entirely in German. I don't know what is there, but the artwork is quite impressive.

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