The Short Stories of Ken Bulmer

In addition to being a prolific novellist, Kenneth Bulmer has written a huge amount of short stories, which have been published in a variety of places. Sadly, no collections of his short stories exist in one volume.

There are 101 short stories on this list, and it is unlikely that this list is complete. Once again, Kenneth Bulmer wrote many of his works under pseudonyms. The names we know about are:

Kenneth Bulmer
Pallas Confrontation series (as Kenneth Bulmer)
Fluxers series (as Kenneth Bulmer)
Earth-Shurilala-Takkat War series (as Kenneth Bulmer)
Fletcher Cullen series (as Kenneth Bulmer)
Alan Burt Akers
Peter Green
Kenneth Johns
Ernest Corley
Rupert Clinton
Chesman Scot
H. Philip Stratford
Nelson Sherwood
Frank Brandon

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Short Stories as Kenneth Bulmer

  • "First Down" in Authentic (London), April 1954
  • "Some Other Time" in Authentic (London) May 1954
  • "It Takes Two" in Authentic (London) October 1954
  • "Ordeal" in Authentic (London) March 1955
  • "Psi No More" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) June 1955
  • "The Day of the Monster" in Authentic (London) July 1955
  • "Total Recall" in New Worlds (London) August 1955
  • "Know Thy Neighbour" in Authentic (London) September 1955
  • "Come to Prestonwell" in Authentic (London) November 1955
  • "Sunset" in Nebula (Glasgow) November 1955
  • "The Old Firm" in Authentic (London) February 1956
  • "Quarry" in Infinity (New York) February 1956
  • "The Smallest Ally" in New Worlds (London) March 1956
  • "Sunk" in New Worlds (London) April 1956
  • "Project Pseudoman" in Nebula (Glasgow) July 1956
  • "The City Calls" in New Worlds (London) October 1956
  • "The Great Armadas" in Nebula (Glasgow) December 1956
  • "Recreation" in Authentic (London) December 1956
  • "Their Dreams Remain" in Fantastic Universe (Chicago) December 1956
  • "Prestige" in Authentic (London) January 1957
  • "Child's Play" in Authentic (London) February 1957
  • "Three-Cornered Knife" in Infinity (New York) February 1957; as "Ambibiguous Assignment" in Authentic (London) September 1957
  • "The Day Everything Fell Down" with Damon Knight in Fantasy and Science Fiction (New York) August 1957
  • "Native Law" in New Worlds (London) August 1957
  • "Reason for Living" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) October 1957
  • "There's No Business" in Nebula (Glasgow) October 1957
  • "By the Beard of the Comet" in Fantastic Universe (Chicago) December 1957
  • "Never Trust a Robot" in New Worlds (London) January 1958
  • "The Great Game" in Nebula (Glasgow) February 1958
  • "Out of Control" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) April 1958
  • "Wisdom of the Gods" in Nebula (Glasgow) July, August, September and October 1958
  • "The Bones of Shosun" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) October 1958
  • "Castle of Vengeance" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) November 1959
  • "The Halting Hand" in Science Fiction Adventures (London) December 1959
  • "Profession: Spaceman" in New Worlds (London) March 1960
  • "The Contraption" (Death) in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) August 1964
  • "A Case of Identity" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) August 1964
  • "Not Human" in Alien Worlds (Manchester) August 1966
  • "Inside Out" with Richard Wilson in Impulse (London) December 1966
  • "The Adjusted" in Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 16, edited by Edward L. Ferman, New York, Doubleday, 1967; London, Gollancz, 1968
  • "Swords for a Guide" in Vision of Tomorrow (Newcastle upon Tyne) August 1969
  • "Station HR972" in Nightmare Age, edited by Frederik Pohl, New York, Ballantine, 1970
  • "Culpable in Glass" in Vision of Tomorrow (Newcastle upon Tyne) August 1970
  • "A Memory of Golden Sunshine" in New Writings in SF 19, edited by John Carnell, London, Dobson, 1971
  • "The Fowling" in Beyond This Horizon, edited by Christopher Carrell, Sunderland, Ceolfrith Press, 1973
  • "Aquaman" in Space Two, edited by Richard Davis, London, Abelard Schuman, 1974
  • "Advertise Your Cyanide" in The Best of British SF 2, edited by Mike Ashley, London, Futura, 1977
  • "Naked as a Sword" in Fantasy Tales (Wembley, Middlesex) Summer 1977
  • "Mr. Culpepper's Baby" in The History of Science Fiction Magazine 4, edited by Mike Ashley, London, Nebula, 1978
  • "Psycho Sis" in Fantasy and Science Fiction (New York) April 1978

    Pallas Confrontation series

  • "All Glory Forgotten" in New Worlds (London) June 1954
  • "Bitter the Path" in New Worlds (London) August 1954
  • "The Black Spot" in New Worlds (London) February 1955
  • "Asylum" in New Worlds (London) April 1955
  • "Plaything" in New Worlds (London) November 1955

    Fluxers series

  • "Mission One Hundred" in New Worlds (London) September 1957
  • "Greenie Gunner" in New Worlds (London) Decembers 1960
  • "Flames in the Flux Field" in New Worlds (London) March 1962

    Earth-Shurilala-Takkat War series

  • "The Unreluctant Tread" in New Worlds (London) February 1958
  • "Space Command" in New Worlds (London) August 1958
  • "Draft Dodger" in If (New York) March 1966

    Fletcher Cullen series

  • "Shapers of Men" in Vision of Tomorrow (Newcastle upon Tyne) November 1969
  • "The Scales of Friendship" in Vision of Tomorrow (Newcastle upon Tyne) May 1970

    Short Stories as Alan Burt Akers

  • "Wizard of Scorpio" (as Alan Burt Akers) in The DAW Science Fiction Reader, edited by Donald A. Wollheim, New York, DAW, 1976
  • "Green Shadows" (as Alan Burt Akers) in Imagine, November 1983

    Short Stories as Peter Green

  • "To Shake the Stars" (as Peter Green) in Authentic (London) July 1954
  • "Firecracker Fool" (as Peter Green) in Authentic (London) August 1955

    Short Stories as Kenneth Johns

  • "Food in Space" (as Kenneth Johns) in Authentic (London) March 1956

    Short Stories as Ernest Corley

  • "Daddyo" (as Ernest Corley) in Evening News (London) 1961
  • "Khushal Khan's Gold" (as Ernest Corley) in Argosy (London) July 1962

    Short Stories as Rupert Clinton

  • "The Golden Age" (as Rupert Clinton) in New Worlds (London) November and December 1961

    Short Stories as Chesman Scot

  • "The Void Looks Down" in Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine (Luton, Bedfordshire) vol. 1 no. 5, 1954
  • "Galactic Impersonation" in British Science Fiction Magazine (Luton, Bedfordshire) March 1955
  • "The Second Pyramid" in Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine (Luton, Bedfordshire) vol. 2 no. 1 1955

    Short Stories as H. Philip Stratford

  • "The Time Travel Business" in Authentic (London) August 1955
  • "According to Tradition" in Authentic (London) April 1956
  • "The Hidden Power" in Authentic (London) June 1956
  • "Lucky Number" in Authentic (London) November 1956
  • "Asymptote" in Authentic (London) March 1957
  • "The Thoughtless Island" in Nebula (Glasgow) July 1957
  • "Lethe Land" in Nebula (Glasgow) August 1957
  • "Vale!" in Authentic (London) October 1957
  • "The Covetous" in Nebula (Glasgow) May 1958
  • "Agent Provocateur" in Nebula (Glasgow) September 1958
  • "Medicine Man" in Nebula (Glasgow) January 1959
  • "Song of Ages" in Nebula (Glasgow) June 1959

    Short Stories as Nelson Sherwood

  • "Galactic Galapagos" January 1959,
  • "The Sun Center" March 1959
  • "The Dedicated Ones" July 1960,
  • "Design Dilemma" March 1961,
  • "Trial" November 1961,
  • "Scarlet Denial" May 1962, and
  • "Scarlet Dawn" September 1962,
  • all in Science Fiction Adventures (London)

    Short Stories as Frank Brandon

  • "Hiatus" in New Worlds (London) January 1961
  • "The Seventh Stair" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) October 1961
  • "Perilous Portal" in Science Fantasy (Bournemouth) August 1962