This could be a Grodnim flag...


Kregen is a world with seven moons and two suns. Needless to say, calculating tides can be a difficult prospect, and in addition, when alignments occur, the spring tides can potentially be devastating. Thus, a sect of Tide Priests, called the Todalpheme, spend their lives calculating tidal patterns for the benefit of society. In return, they are generally supported by the population at large.

The Todalpheme reside in Akhrams, which inevitably are centres of learning and knowledge. Thus it seemed sensible to title my Kregen Reference Page, Akhram.


Coming Soon

Care & Feeding of Vollers
How do Vollers work? Find out here, coming soon. Also, some interesting ramifications of the Voller technology, including some new ideas on Voller design.

Kregen Glossary
A long-standing demand has been for a comprehensive glossary of Kregen. In the long run I would like to include one here. Currently I am making notes for each book, and will eventually post those lists here.