The Glory that was Greece

Variant 4-player Map for Advanced Civilization

A game of Advanced Civilization is rarely satisfying without the full compliment of players, and yet, getting 7 people together for an all-day game is usually difficult. For this reason I came up with a variant map based on Ancient Greece and Asia Minor for 4 players. The map is somewhat "tight" and players will have to compete for city centres and farming hinterlands.

The Map

(Click on the map to see a larger version.)

The rules and AST that are used are the same as the regular game except for one detail: The Flood disaster affects river valleys (marked by dark lines) instead of floodplains. Both primary and secondary victims lose ALL their units situated in a river valley during a flood, unless they possess Engineering, in which case they lose HALF of their tokens (round up). Calculate these losses the same way you calculate losses for Famine.

You will note that ships are very important in this map, and there are no landlocked nations that are safe from seaborne invasion. Also, city sites are at a premium, with only 28 on the board, or 7 per player. Farmland is likewise strongly limited, and Agriculture is important for everyone. Competition, especially in the early game will be fierce.

I have played this board and have found it to work pretty well, and we finished an entire game in only 8 hours. Feel free to print copies of the map for your own personal use; simply ensure that I am still credited as the designer and that they are not sold for cash without first recieving written permission from me.