An Interlinear Rewrite of

As I have mentioned in another article, the SPACE:1889 adventures published by GDW tend to be very poorly written, and so heavily scripted as to make them virtually pointless. Strong re-interpretation is necessary by GM's who want to run these adventures; otherwise the players will be drowned in a sea of narrative while having no power to influence the plot.

Below is an "Interlinear" rewrite of the adventure "On Gossamer Wings" which appears in the original Space:1889 book. It serves as an example for GM's as to how the Space:1889 adventures can be changed so as to make them enjoyable. The left column represents the module as originally written, while the right column represents changes that ought to be made.

Two approaches can be taken when running this module. The first is a detailed, in-depth approach. In such an approach, the characters should be encouraged to make their own characters, and have a say in the planning and outfitting of the expedition. If this is the way you want it ti go, great. It can certainly be fun thinking about what might be needed on such a trip. On the other hand, if your players want to jump right in, you can use the "Quickstart" version, which simply gives the players a summary of events leading to the beginning of the actual adventure, and a list of pre-generated characters to choose from. This lets your players skip all the tedious details and get on with the adventure. Choose the one that you think suits your players the most.

Detailed Start

Quick Start

List of Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Descent Into the Moon
  3. Within the Depths of Luna
  4. Captured!
  5. The Escape
  6. Appendix - The Selenites